Emission test for new vehicles

November 16, 2017

The BPM (Taxation of passenger cars and motorcycles) and fiscal addition of a lease car are among others determined by the CO2 emissions of the vehicle. In the past, the NEDC test was used for this. However, the difference between the result of this test and the actual fuel consumption and the emission of the car was so big that a new test was required: the WLTP test. 

Old test: NEDC
The old test, New European Driving Cycle, is from the year 2000. This test drive consists of four city rides (the origin of which dates back to 1970) and an outdoor ride (which originated in 1990). During the standardized journey, the fuel consumption and the emission of the vehicle are measured.

The tests may be conducted in the open air, but many manufacturers opt for testing in the laboratory. This test has not proven to be reliable and has therefore been replaced by a new test: the WLTP.

New test: WLTP
The Worldwide harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) has been developed by experts from the EU, Japan and India, under the guidance of the European Economic Commission of the United Nations. The test procedures contain more regulations than in the old test.

For example, the conditions of the dynamometer tests, road resistance, gear shifting, vehicle weight (including options, load and passengers), fuel quality, ambient temperature and tire choice and pressure are laid down. Different test cycles are followed depending on the weight class of the vehicle.

Consequences for your lease cars
For the time being, the new way of testing does not affect your fleet. A transition period has been set up until September 2018. It is possible that two emission values ​​are shown for a vehicle: the NEDC value and the WLTP value. This is done to allow comparisons between older and newer models and types.

Cars with a new type approval will already be assessed with the WLTP test. From September 2018, all newly sold vehicles must be provided with values ​​from the new test, with the exception of running series. A year later, all newly sold vehicles must have the CO2 value based on the WLTP test.

The BPM Act will be amended for the years after 2018 by the introduction of a new table. A proposal for this will go to the House of Representatives in the course of 2018. 

More information about the WLTP test can be found here

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