Thieves more often take a hybrid

Juli 24, 2018

In the first six months the number of car thefts dropped by 14 percent to 3,643, but plug-in hybrids are stolen more often.

Car theft rates are considerably lower in the first half of the year than in the same period in 2017. The number of thefts decreased by14 percent. This is stated by the Stichting Aanpak Voertuigcriminaliteit (Stavc). However, more and more (plug-in) hybrids are being stolen. In total, 160 were stolen, 77 percent more than last year. Especially the Toyota models RAV-4, C-HR and Auris were stolen.

The highest risk of theft is at Volkswagens Polo and Golf and the BMW 3-series. The aforementioned Toyota RAV-4 and the Fiat 500 have also been placed on the 'favorites list'.

The number of car thefts has been decreasing for years. "Intensive cooperation in detection, continuous attention to prevention and the ever-increasing connectivity of modern vehicles are the main causes that criminals turn their back on vehicle criminality".

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