Leaserijder has less choice by WLTP

Juli 19, 2018

The new WLTP measurement method of CO2 emissions for new cars will result in rising car prices and therefore a limitation of the choice in the lease budget of the business driver. Employers must take this into account when setting leasing standards.

 If cars become more expensive and the standard lease amounts used by employers remain the same, business drivers are restricted in their choice because of a change in a European test method. Employers will have to think hard about possibly raising the norm lease amounts.

 The WLTP test is a legitimate development in itself, because the consumption is estimated more realistically, but if the standard amounts remain the same while cars become more expensive, then there is less choice for a driver in practice. For example: If the rider has the opportunity to drive a Volkswagen Golf today, then maybe that will be a Volkswagen Polo.

 That is why employers must at least review the lease arragement with standard amounts and not wait for the annual indexing, but already make an adjustment to the standard lease amounts of at least 5%. This is to prevent the business driver from being subjected to the new test method

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