Fleet management a profession in its own right

Maart 6, 2018

You have everything under control. Or not? Do you get the most out of your fleet every day? We appoint the four most frequently made mistakes. Not to scare you, but rather to give you tips for a successful fleet management.

1. You have no insight at all
Your fleet started with three cars. And that was still manageable. But then there were ten and now there are 50 cars running on behalf of your company. The Excel list bulge out and the overview is sometimes hard to find. You no longer have any insight into your fleet and you leave your chances. Because do the cars drive efficiently? Can you still save costs? By using an experienced fleet manager with ditto system you get immediate insight. All data in one professional system, with reports for you in one overview.

2. You do not use your cars efficiently
You are convinced that you need all cars / contracts equally. But is that really so? Are you sure you can not make it with a car less? By direct insight into your fleet you can see which cars are available and which may stand still for an unnecessarily long time. Flexibility plays an important role in this. Who knows, you may come to the conclusion that you achieve the same goal with fewer contracts, simply by using them in a smarter way.

3. You do not make your employees aware
All 50 cars are of course not driven by yourself, but by your employees. That is why they - the end users - are important for good fleet management. Do your employees know that when they drive too fast, they use 10% more fuel? And did you know that when you make your employees aware of their driving behavior, which leads to 50% fewer accidents and damage? In this way, awareness is an important part of successful fleet management.

4. You will not see what has happened until the end of the year
You feel everything is under control. But then the accountant comes and after a year you can see how the balance actually looks. Sad, because you could have saved a lot of money on your purchase of lease cars. And did you know that this savings can be up to 15%? That is a lot of money and also possible for you! How much will you save on your fleet? Ask TraXall about the possibilities. You will be surprised ...
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