The advantages of an electric car

Februari 20, 2018

The electric car is a growing part of our street scene. Because the range of these vehicles is increasing, this car does not go unnoticed by the business driver. This in turn contributes to a better environment, since these vehicles do not have CO2 emissions.

Tax benefits
An additional advantage of these vehicles, in addition to the low environmental impact, are the financial advantages. For fully electric cars, bpm (the Dutch Tax on Passenger Cars and Motorcycles)
and road tax do not have to be paid up to 2020. The government encourages the purchase of this type of vehicle and thus contributes to a better environment.

The use of Plug-In hybrid vehicles is also encouraged by the government. Drivers of these vehicles only have to pay half of the regular road tax.

Tax addition
For the business driver of an electric car, things will change in the short term. In 2018 a business driver of a fully electric car will pay 4% additional tax. In 2019 the 4% additional tax still applies to the first € 50,000 of the tax value of the vehicle. The amount above the first € 50,000 falls in the 22% category.

An example to clarify:
You drive a car with a tax value of € 80,000. On the first € 50,000 of this car you are liable to 4% tax addition. Over the remaining € 30,000, the addition percentage is 22%.

This new regulation applies to all fully electric vehicles with a first ascription date after December 31st 2018. The addition percentages of vehicles that are already in use are not adjusted and will remain valid for the first 60 months from the date of the first ascription.


For more information about the tax regulations for the electric car in the Netherlands, visit the Auto & Fiscus website or contact TraXall.

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