The advantages of an electric fleetmanagement?

April 25, 2018

The tax for an electric car will change on the 1e of January 2019. The addition of 4% is no longer applies to the entire amount if the car is more expensive than
€50,000.00, but for each euro above € 50,000.00 an additional tax of 22% applies.

Due to the increase the electric car up to €50,000.00 become a popular car. The coming months, a variety of new car models will come on the market with a range of several hundred kilometers. This improved range makes it more interesting for companies to include electric cars in the lease policy. The electric car offers a financial advantage for the driver and lower costs for the company (TCO).

An additional (often great) advantage for a company is that when using electric cars, no CO2 emissions, the company will rise on the CO2 performance ladder. The less CO2 the better a company stands for in tenders, or a possible award advantage.

Do you want to know more about electric cars or leasing these cars: AURiX is a purchasing combination. Our motto is: we make sure that car leasing: Easier, Better and Cheaper. If you want to go one step further, we can do the management of your fleet: we are the specialist in fleet management with> 160,000 cars managed in Europe.

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