The Dutch have a lot of car damage

Juni 5, 2018

A collision with a runaway animal, not giving priority, wrong overtaking: everyone who is on the road, sooner or later, has to deal with it; car damage. Regardless of whether or not the damage was caused by your own fault, it is always inconvenient and can cause a lot of inconvenience.


This is the top five:

  • Window damage
  • Rear-end collision
  • Poor damage
  • Driving against stationary object
  • Park damage


What is particularly striking about the car damage of the past ten years, is that the number of damages due to the impact of a stationary object remains at the top for years. This is noteworthy, since more and more cars are now equipped with sensors and automatic functions, such as parking assistance, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) or Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), which help to drive safely. Nevertheless, motorists still seem to be much distracted and make chunks.


A brief distraction behind the steering wheel can cause an accident. About 68 percent of the accidents happen because people are distracted in the car. Think of the operation of car equipment, fellow passengers or the smartphone, so that you can react less quickly to unexpected traffic situations. As a result, there is no complete focus on the road and objects or other road users are overlooked, which often causes damage.


What is already being seen and what will only increase in the future is a decrease in the number of car claims due to the advanced technologies in the car. On the other hand, the average amount of damage increases. The repair of these technical gadgets is more expensive, so the amount of damage to the repair can increase significantly. "


Over the past ten years, window replacement and repair has been the most common car damage. However, the number of windscreen damages also decreases in recent years. The soft winters, among other things, result in less damage to the road surface, as a result of which no loose pebbles spring up that damage the car window. However, repair costs for windows do increase. This is because not only the window is replaced, but also any sensors that are processed in it. As a result, a car often has to be recalibrated.

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